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In Max Lucado’s foreward of Christine Caine’s book Undaunted, he says “God has given our generation a Paul, Mary, and Esther. And her name is Christine Caine.” Can you imagine, being appointed to be this generation’s Paul, Mary and Esther? As I read that statement a few times over, I found myself pondering that I could not even fathom being appointed to be one of these incredible people of character, most less a vibrant and attractive version of all three of these wonderful people of God. What a mantle to carry. What an anointing. What an appointment.

If you have had the privilege of hearing, reading or knowing Christine Caine, you’d agree that she is truly anointed and her story is not only miraculous, but courageous. Christine Caine is a woman, appointed and anointed, walking out her calling, and truly living out The Great Commission.

In my last post I wrote about legacy and how it relates to love; “Our Life + Our Love = Our Legacy” – Pastor Chris Hanna, Church of the Highlands. Life, love and legacy are the common theme throughout scripture and in all we are and do. As Christians, if we can fix our eyes and focus on these three things, as God used, continues to use, and intends for us to use them, I am certain that when we meet Jesus face to face we will hear the words “well done, my good and faithful servant” and be welcomed into Heaven with open arms and embraced.

The key is to fix our eyes and stay focused, because the world dilutes and pollutes the Word of God and the very definition of life, love and legacy. The enemy attacks any and all efforts of life, love and legacy as God intended it to be. From the very beginning Satan sought to corrupt and destroy all good that God created. We have to be strategic if we are going to further The Great Commission or fulfill our purpose. We have to stay focused, aligned, prayed up and prayed for if we are going to do life, love and legacy well. We are all called to live an obedient life of love with a legacy that leaves an impact, like Paul, Mary, Esther, David, Joseph, Noah, Moses, saints of old, Mother Teresa, today’s Martin Luther King or Christine Caine.

We all are here, together, in this day and age, on purpose to live a life of love on purpose and leave a legacy of impact that points to Jesus. We have a job to do, and we do not have time to waste. We serve a good God, who like a good Father, extends grace, mercy and patience to us as we figure this thing out, but ultimately, time is ticking, and the key is to keep your eyes fixed on Him, stay pressed into Him, and do that thing that is weighing on your heart, because it’s yours, and only yours to do.

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9 responses to “Join In!”

  1. This is wonderful Daniel. I love seeing others spread love and encouragement to each other while glorifying Jesus. The world, as a whole, needs more of this. A presence of accountability and coking together in prayer and faith. What a beautiful thing; and we were created for such a time as this.


    • As I read your posts I am filled with so many emotions. I feel proud to call you one of my oldest and closest friends. I feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to find His purpose for me in this world as you have discovered yours. I feel moved by your beautiful words. I feel pensive as I carry your words and thoughts with me throughout the day. Lastly I feel changed each time I read your posts. Changed for the better. Changed because you have a way of bringing me and I’m sure others closer to Him. 👆🏼
      – A fellow Kingdom Chaser. 🙌🏼


  2. I’m with you, for you, beside you, and behind you all the way! I’m excited this will be a place for everyone of every age to share their love for the Lord and dreams of their future.


  3. Amen girly. This is a wonderful idea! I’m excited to share in creation process if my own ideas as well as what others are working on for the Lord.


  4. I love this! Every bit of it. I’d love to participate in any way possible! Thanks, Danielle, for your bright light and loving leadership.


  5. Danielle, thank you so much for your encouraging and life-giving words! I am honored to join you in this journey! May the Lord continue to bless you and your gift.


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