Join In!

This kick-off post is later than I would have liked, but better late than never, or so I keep telling myself. You know that when you start running after Jesus the enemy starts rapid fire on all things in your life. That’s where I have been the past two weeks, in the trenches on the battlefield, but the fight isn’t over, and I’m not stopping the pursuit.

I would like to invite you all to jump into a group with me. A group where we do life together. Where we interact with one another. Where we love on one another, relate to one another and lift one another up.

This group will be called The Kingdom Chasers. There will be men and women in this group. We will all participate by reading, writing and praying for one another. There will not be a set schedule. Although I commit to you that we will have a weekly interaction. I do promise to not overwhelm you, and ask that you commit to reading your Bible or devotional daily, so that you stay filled with the Word of God, that you read the weekly blog posts, participate in commenting, and simply saying a prayer when led.

Together, we will be pursuing a better version of ourselves. A version of us that looks more like Jesus. Together, we will stand in agreement for one another’s calling and God-given purpose, and build one another up so that we each may have the confidence to step where God is leading us.

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9 responses to “Join In!”

  1. This is wonderful Daniel. I love seeing others spread love and encouragement to each other while glorifying Jesus. The world, as a whole, needs more of this. A presence of accountability and coking together in prayer and faith. What a beautiful thing; and we were created for such a time as this.


    • As I read your posts I am filled with so many emotions. I feel proud to call you one of my oldest and closest friends. I feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to find His purpose for me in this world as you have discovered yours. I feel moved by your beautiful words. I feel pensive as I carry your words and thoughts with me throughout the day. Lastly I feel changed each time I read your posts. Changed for the better. Changed because you have a way of bringing me and I’m sure others closer to Him. 👆🏼
      – A fellow Kingdom Chaser. 🙌🏼


  2. I’m with you, for you, beside you, and behind you all the way! I’m excited this will be a place for everyone of every age to share their love for the Lord and dreams of their future.


  3. Amen girly. This is a wonderful idea! I’m excited to share in creation process if my own ideas as well as what others are working on for the Lord.


  4. I love this! Every bit of it. I’d love to participate in any way possible! Thanks, Danielle, for your bright light and loving leadership.


  5. Danielle, thank you so much for your encouraging and life-giving words! I am honored to join you in this journey! May the Lord continue to bless you and your gift.


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